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Meet Your Therapist!

Here at the Growth & Guidance Clinic we have a wide range of Psychotherapists to choose from

Meet The Team

First we would like to welcome you to the Team at The Growth & Guidance Clinic, with a range of 4 Psychotherapists available. We offer Online & Face to Face Services, face to face services taking place from our clinic in Birmingham City Centre with Online being available across the UK. Here at the Growth & Guidance Clinic we believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of the work of therapy and consider it an honour to be able to support you on your journey. All therapists hold top Qualifications for Psychotherapy being awarded MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy & Post Grad Diplomas in High Intensity CBT.


We work with the full range of mental health difficulties, from short term to those that are more severe. Emotional & often physical struggles present themselves in many ways, for example; Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Difficulties and ability to cope with work/day-to-day stressors. This may interfer with aspects of your personality, relationships with family, friends or within the work setting, you may find yourself acting self-destructively, irritable teary or angry to others and yourself. Overtime this can ultimately impact with your happiness, quality of life and mood. At the clinic we are aware of the toll our mental health can take and we are proud to be able to support you on your journey of holistic wellness.


Together we can support you to deal with overwhelming difficulties in a more positive way. Therapy will help you gain a fuller understanding of what you are battling with and together think about how best to grow, in light of what has been revealed. Some people may need to be seen in the short term, while others will need longer-term treatment. We offer a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss if Therapy is right for you as we appreciate reaching out for the 1st time if often the hardest step.

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